Impact of Blockchain on Migrants and Refugees

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Tony: Today on the show. We are going to be talking about the impact of blockchain on migrants and refugees and we’ve gone all the way to Canada to get our expert who is going to be joining us on the show to tell us more answer this course everything that has to do with how the blockchain technology can provide solutions to most and some of the challenges that are faced by migrants and refugees. I’m talking about someone who is a migration specialist with 16 years of experience. He is an Immigration consultant based in Canada and accredited with immigration Consultants of Canada regulatory Council, which is the ICCRC. He specializes in Canadian immigration that includes: Refugee-investors, entrepreneurs, temporary foreign worker program and employment specific training.

Tony: Thank you for joining me on the show today. How are you Khan?

Khan: Thank you. I’m doing very well. How are you?

Tony: I’m fine. I’m fine. How’s the weather in Canada?

Khan: It’s actually very beautiful here. It’s summertime as you know, we’re very cold country. So we usually have snow and Sub-Zero conditions in our winter. So it’s nice to see the nice plus plus degree, you know temperatures. It’s been nice and sunny and been raining a little bit but we were really liking it. How about you over there now in Nigeria?

Tony: Yeah. It’s a little bit cold the rain just stopped. So the weather is cold everywhere. It’s cold. Okay. All right. Fantastic. I would love to know what to call this in Nigeria. All right you’re welcome. You’re welcome. You’re welcome once again on the show. So we’re going to be discussing the impact of blockchain on migrants and refugees and looking at your profile and the fact that you have over 16 years of experience in the industry. So I would need you to be providing us with your Expert opinion on some of the questions or I called them disturbing questions that I have today.

Khan: Sure. Sure. Would love to answer anything.

Tony: All right. So let’s let’s get down to read. First of all, tell us about yourself can and what you do?

Khan: Well, I I’m a Canadian immigration consultant and have been for the last 13 years practicing professionally based in Canada. We processed all the applications from Refugee all the way to student applications. It’s been it’s a challenging industry because the rules and regulations keep changing and then there’s of course there’s delays in processing. There’s there’s all kinds of how can I say this immigration consultant in Canada last 13 years and you know that Seen that there’s a lot of improvements that can be done through technology that’s available to us today using blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Khan:  So I’m an immigrant myself to Canada. I know exactly what people go through. Okay, and so this is pretty much the long and short of nothing actually what I do. All right.

Tony: Fantastic so joining me on the show today can is my co-host Siju d voice. So he and I are going to be asking you a couple of questions, but Progressing, Siju say hi to Khan  

Siju: how are you?

Khan: Really? Well, thanks.

Tony: Alright. Alright. Fantastic. Yeah, we’re doing great. So tell us about your project. What is your minimum viable product? Tell us about your project?

Khan: Okay, so our project is called Migranets and I’m the founder of it our team our CEO and we’re kind of all around the world but our CEO and the c-suite is in the Costa Rica where a customer can based company and we just opened up our first Canadian immigration office here in Canada. Well to process applications the technology is based on blockchain machine learning and artificial intelligence. Now, I’m going to explain them. So as an immigration consultant what there are a lot of applications and not just not just for Canada but a lot of countries they have a point based system, which means your age your let’s say adaptability your education your work experience and same for your spouse. For example Apple they’re equal to a certain point and that those points can be calculated. Okay? Okay. Now our platform will be able to calculate those points. We’re using machine learning are AI artificial intelligence part will be able to suggest which country is best suited for your based on your qualifications, for example, so if you’re let’s say if someone’s a carpenter what it would suggest don’t go to Canada because there’s no jobs there for Carpenters go to New Zealand. Okay, because there’s a lot of jobs over there available and the blockchain part is there to upload documents and to be able to compatible able to be compatible to the government agencies that are building their immigration systems on blockchain right now. So no longer do you have to or were hoping for this? Is that in the future? We don’t we you know, we you don’t have to print the document and send all these documents VIA mail that takes a lot of time you can just sell send The Ledger and because it’s locked in it’s secure its private is immutable therefore it would be a simplified version of sending your application to the governance and that course that’s in the near future but there’s there are government says for example Hong Kong Singapore Dubai UAE, sorry and a lot more there are building the whole, you know, the whole government system on blockchain now, so okay, that’s where our platform is going to do.

Tony: All right, fantastic. So from what I understand, okay. So this platform is said to provide solutions to most of the challenges that are faced by migrants and refugees. Am I right?

Khan: That’s correct.

Tony: Fantastic. So here how do you see the state of migration today? What are your concerns? What are you major concerns as touching the state of migration today in the world?

Khan: Great question. So here’s the thing at Migranet and myself for example, you know, we would love to fix immigration entirely. Okay, but the truth is is that you know, we can only fix what’s available to us. Given the technology that we have. Okay? Okay, and what’s the state of migration? Okay for some countries, it’s good. So for some countries, it’s bad bad, right but what really really really is. My let’s say concern about migration is what happens on the corruption and the Frog side of things. Okay? Okay, where where there are, you know unregistered migration or unregistered agents if you want to call them that practice. Or they take on clients they take an absorbent amount of fees and they don’t give any service. There are there’s corruption in the industry where you know your if you if you have more money than the next person you can actually make it to our or when I say our country where let’s say it first world countries or places of desire, you know, the other problem that I have with the migration or I see that migration is broken to a certain extent is that you know, you have refugees in the refugee camps and all these NGOs to do a great job by saving them. Yes, but the integration is not there. Okay? Okay, and by that I mean is that you have you know, when refugees come to their host country post-election what happens is that they’re given a certain, you know monthly income if you But there is no assistance in many countries. There is not that assistant saying, okay. What did you do before you are Refugee what happened? Because a lot of refugees are not refugees because just refugees there are other War, you know, there are other climate refugees or there were refugees or there’s a reason why they had to flee or go for Refuge. But before that many people have their professions they are you know, they have businesses.

Khan: They had a life. So where I see that there’s a disconnect here is because nobody’s asking them what their skills were so that when they get you know, there’s no integration or there’s really there’s not a good internet integration program out there and my word migranet is looking to do is to work with unhcr and similar ngos is to get their skills assessed put them on blockchain and work give them the private key so that they can have the there. Access to their own private information and they can share that information with the host country. So once they do arrive they will have jobs they would have yeah things to do, right? That’s right. Yeah. Okay. They’re not going to be you know, if they’re if they had a good business background. Well, they’re not going to be washing dishes. Okay, because there’s going to be other programs for them if they were, you know, just something to get them going keep their dignity because again refugees are you know, there there’s a reason why they’re in that state, you know, that’s obviously there’s there’s it must have been really hard. So so that’s my view on the own immigration. We want to we want to simplify want to lower the cost for immigrants and we want to help refugees by integration as well.

Siju: All right, great. All right. Mr. Khan that’s a very good one. Settling in a new region poses many challenges and most of these challenges faced by immigrants includes; the right country, housing. scammers, prohibitive fees, unavailability credit cards, high FX rates, delays in funds transfer and highbanking rate. What role is Migranet playing to curb these challenges?

Khan: Great question. Well We’re paying quite a number of roles here because first as far as the right country is concerned as I mentioned Rai will be do the assessment and suggesting suggesting which country is best suited for for the qualifications. Okay, then the you know, you have housing. I mean you mentioned housing the housing is something that we can’t assist with meaning that’s something that that our government usually does internally. They have their own branches of you know offices and in each City that actually does that but as for scammers and prohibitive fees I can assure you that we are we’re doing something about that because what happens is that first of all certain cases that don’t cost that should not cost three to five or eight thousand dollars will be able to minimize them by $500. So therefore reducing it for us. To nine ninety percent of the cost by automatable applications. Okay. So anything that’s anything that can be added will be automated and anything that’s automated will definitely just the way things are is that it reduces the cost by 90% because now you know, there’s not a human touch involved in certain cases now don’t get me wrong. There’s there’s there’s a lot of applications in the immigration industry that a machine learning a I will never be able to process. There are applications such as refugees. There’s a POC is rejection is theirs I mean family sponsorship. There’s adoptions that are so complex that are yeah, I will never be able to touch for that. We need immigration consultants and lawyers. Okay, and we need them. We need honest ones so that they can get the job done for the other applications. Our goal is to get them automated and then of course the prohibitive piece where you mentioned is exactly what what I just mentioned is that there’s a lot of unregistered. You know agents that charge tens and thousands of dollars to people. Yeah, exactly and all in the name of immigrating to a better country. Well that shouldn’t be that way. That’s that’s not how it’s not something that’s a big challenge exactly. And then of course then they credit cards you’re right credit cards and payment systems and effects. Are there their High fees for someone who actually gets paid twenty dollars or fifteen dollars an hour, you know, these some of these Bank fees are $40 for banking Bank transfers and and are our goal is when the platform is filled is, you know, when it’s when it’s built is to actually use the cryptocurrency part of it. So they can have access to lower rates faster more immutable or sorry more cost effective ways to to transfer money for the purpose of immigration.

Tony: Okay? Okay fantastic, so I’m Khan. From your news publication on medium. Migranets immigration services will be obtainable in over seven countries including Canada your host country for sure, right?

Khan: Yes. Yeah,

Tony: Fantastic. So what are your plans for Africa?

Khan: Well, here’s the thing. I mean, where are one of my dear good dear friend and advisor James Hinton. He introduced me to you Tony.

Tony: Yes, definitely James is a great guy

Khan: James is amazing. So and and and that’s what the plans are for Africa. This is where the beginning is. You guys are. You know, we’re going to be in a sense working with the African countries and of African people that we can help them with whatever they need actually, okay and Africa and some parts to doing great in some parts. They’re developing. Of course, there’s a lot of you know, it’s a developing news. And and I originally I’m from you know from the South Asian area like for Pakistan and Iran, so I know I know how that whole scenario is and even though we’re expanding to these countries, but back to your question Africa, we’re hoping To get clients from Africa so that we can place them for study immigration work investment. And all of these are the categories that were looking forward to to to wrap up what you were the question is we really want to work with the we we first off we are we just launched our the Canadian office for Migranet as in a as a as an associate office to the Costa Rican firm and we’re more than happy to take clients in right now for all the categories available for Canada. Then we’ll have Portugal, USA or EU an entire entirety Costa Rica. All of these countries were adding more and more as as time passes for immigration. So looking for Partnerships in Africa looking for clients in Africa. We will be more than happy to Start our journey with Africa from today from this interview today or this this conversation.

Tony: All right, great. So let’s talk about where Migranet is at the moment when it comes to your project and how people can interact with your project. So where can we say that your project is at the moment?

Khan: So the project we started about a year and a half ago. And because we’re world’s first artificial intelligence a blockchain project. They had to be a lot of guests with to do a lot of research and make sure that we’re every step we take is Right Step. So to date we have our blocks of solution completed which means that you know, we can upload documents on the blockchain can be verified and we also have a our machine learning. Prototype with with 1300 use cases and it’s reached the accuracy of 90% So with time and more investment in the in the in the company and from contributors or from you know, looking for Partnerships in that sense. We will be able to develop this by 2021 which means we would have our you know, our aim is to have this platform made for the the 10 most desired immigrant immigration countries, and and And I guess to answer your question to date. We have a basic prototype for the AI but we also have our blockchain part completed. Now the other positive news as I mentioned is that now we’re we’re opening up our door to Canada. We actually have launched our office yesterday believe it or not. Wow, great. I’ve been doing this for a very long time but migrant is just is opened its doors for all types of immigration and we’re giving a great let’s say, you know quite a bit of a discount on applications because our goal is to reduce costs. So we already have part of our technology completed and now we’re a revenue generating business by having being processing standard immigration systems until our Pack from his belt. So that’s where we are.

Siju: Good. Good. Yeah. Khan I got another question for you? What would be your ideal migration scenario in the nearest Future?

Khan: So imagine Expedia okay. Okay, imagine Expedia Expedia as in the airline online system that you continue credit card you punching information. You look into the the date that you want to travel and you look at the country that you want to go and then there’s all the others options that come where you want to rent a car and you want to hotel and all of these I’m looking forward to immigration or migration being that simple just like that just like that. That’s what the idea is. We want to make this we don’t want to say, you know immigration should not be a you know, a mountain to climb. It’s integration is the mountain to climb not immigration immigration by how to live in these countries is the hardest part the paperwork should not be that hard getting into the country as well should not be that difficult. And it should not be based on where you’re from. It should be based on the qualifications. It should not be based on any other Factor.

Khan: Then the fact that you qualify for certain things. It should not be based on how much money you have for this. You know, you can keep your money to instill emigrate. Where’s now what’s happening is that there’s these like I said earlier reason my grenade exists is because I personally encountered fraud and corruption in this industry and I knew because of this, you know history I have in this field and this industry I knew where to fix what and that’s exactly where my grenet I the idea of it. I came up with of course, my team and advisors are the ones that you know, we are all collectively making this possible. I would be able to do it myself obviously, but the ask for the idea of my grenet was because of the fact that I personally encountered these things and to answer your question Expedia. This is what the vision is. That’s that’s the big That’s the big picture. That’s it. Yeah, I’m kind. I’m most that’s it. That’s exactly it.

Tony: Yeah, I must confess that you’ve got a great project coming and we look forward to the great things, right and achievements that your project is said to have and the impact is said to have as well. So Khan Before I Let You Go finally would there be anything like migrate and earn  just on the lighter note?

Khan: Say that repeat the sorry one more time.

Tony: Okay, so I’m just on a lighter note. Okay. Would there be anything like migrate and earn?

Khan: Well, definitely because I mean, you know, migranet is focused on the immigration side, but we have Partnerships that that can assist with the earning part if you may okay, so we’re not only just you know, what we’re focusing ourselves on the immigration part and and and Refugee integration part and the technology and of course, like I mentioned that we’re open for business now we’re open for services people can contact us actually and saying how can I immigrated? I have money or I have I have money to invest in the business for example, or I’m a professional or I’m a student or I’m a worker or I’m a refugee for example doesn’t matter, you know, the the the earning part is its naturally happens next because when you immigrate the first thing you’re going to do is look for a job. Yeah, okay. And there’s a there’s forces, you know, this recruitment forces in the blockchain industry that are that are we’re going to be and our partners with that will assist with finding that job. Okay. The first part is of course immigration, we got immigrated from first we had to emigrate first and then and then the the job part will come late will come later.

Tony: Okay, fantastic. So people can actually interact with your platform at right?

Khan: At the correct Moment Like I said when the developing stages of our technology like that, they can definitely find out information on and if they want to immigrate and they want to find out how to immigrate and all the other, you know until our platform is built our new migration website. The global migration website is called

Tony: Alright. Alright, so Khan do you have a final words what you have to say to people listening to you. Just just go ahead and tell them what you’ve got for them. Well,

Khan: What can I say ladies and down and I mean we are committed to making this industry more honest in Fast and cost-effective. Please support my gonna do what you can to tell everyone about it because we’re our goal is to help people making money is not our first objective is actually doing it at the same time where we’re looking forward to helping millions of people go to places where they actually belong and and we want to build a community of professionals and and professional like yourself to guys Tony and your colleague and we want to start a relationship. So any support for this great cause alright.

Tony: Alright. Thank you so much Ken from my co-host Siju D Voice and myself

Khan: Absolutely? My pleasure. Thank you so much.

Tony: So we’ve come to the end of today’s edition. Visit us at for news updates, trends, sources and links. Find us on social media @cryptotvplus and listen to Inside Blockchain Podcast every Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other day within the week. Siju D Voice what you have to say before we call it a day.

Siju: It’s really a great time. Yeah with Khan right

Siju: Yeah i’m learning myself. Yeah, we hope to see more of you, hear more of you next time.

Tony: It’s an interesting project.

Siju: Really very good one. I’m Siju D Voice.

Tony: I am your host Tony Obiajuru and till we come your way next time. It’s a bye for now.


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