Succhie: You watching TV Plus. Thank you so much for joining me on another exciting episode of inside blockchain the program one which we focus on blocked and startups and crypto coins is tired of that. I revolutionize in African and Global economies. Well, my name is Susie and today I have somebody very special with me I have with me. Dr. Don Gilead or kolonko. I hope I didn’t murder that. I’m sure you’re good. Welcome doctor. How are you

Dr. Gilead: Thank you very much. I’m okay. How are you?

Succhie: I’m very well. Thank you. So, Dr. Don Gilead is the CEO of Beep magnet Int’l Group, which is common as though an exceedingly amazingly well in the critical points in Block Chain space. Dr. Gillian to tell us a bit of a p.m. CT.

Dr. Gilead: Well BMCT simply stands for blockchain merchant consumer token and it is an independent blockchain that we have actually created its a native blockchain. I think the first of its kind in Nigeria the BMCT blockchain is a blockchain that is focused on a unique concept because we have seen a lot of things that have happened in Industry. Our primary focus is to position Africa in the Limelight and for that to be possible we understood that we may not be able to actually solve all the problems. But we understand that Quantum technology is the way for Africa. So for that to be possible, we decided to identify the image of a particular problem that is actually affecting you know, Africa and then it has to do with consumer loyalty. Okay. So the BMCT blockchain is focused on consumer loyalty I blocked in that is built around 11 years cases this also very interesting because with regard to blockchain adoption cryptocurrency adoption adopters of digital currency or digital asset. Their primary focus now is what are the use cases of this particular blockchain.

Suchie: Ok doctor before we go into the use cases to just clarify something, you know, you’re the CEO of a big magnet group and I’m sure like people are like, what is Big magnet? What is BMCT? Together our the apart. Could you just shed more light on that?

Speaker 1: Okay. Now bit Magna International Group is powering the MCT blockchain. Okay. So bit Magna International Group is the company BMC T is the blockchain. Okay, so that’s the difference and what we are talking about. So I said that BMCT Blockchain is built around 11 use cases and then beep magnet group has actually built about 6 to 7 subsidiary companies that are actually driving these use cases.

Succhie: Wow. That is amazing. Yeah, that is very amazing. Okay. So let’s delve right into the use cases. Did you say 11 use cases? Yes for the BMC T token. Yes now tell us a bit about them.

Dr. Gilead: Okay, I think I want to start first by talking about our first use case what I call false proof of use. All right, the first proof of use of BMCT blockchain is Sisibox

Succhie: and that is a product that I am very excited. I’m very excited about it because well, it’s going to tell us more.

Dr. Gilead: Yes. This is a box. So see box was born out of the need for women to actually be brought into blockchain technology because we cannot dispute the fact that women play by Votto Rule and whatever movement that we hope to achieve very true in Africa, sometimes what we experience is that when technology has leapfrogged that is when we actually begin to get involved it typical example is how did we do with regards to the Bitcoin which was the first cryptocurrency from its Inception to wait. He’s now for a firework possibly after you decade the truth is that Today many of us in Africa we are looking for when is the president to go to $20,000 and that’s really want to get involved but there are individuals who knew at that time when it started and they came in and they are involved not today. They are the big players. So we want to change something and that is what big magnet group decided that we’re going to get the African women to be involved in this movement in this revolution is coming about Okay.

Dr Gilead: The reason is that from our research we discovered that out of every ten births, 7 is a woman its intriguing

Succhie: very intriguing

Dr Gilead: So it shows that one organization is futuristic for an organization that wants to stay for a very long time. You need to look at this index. So big magnet group have looked at it and said, wow, we’re not going to actually leave that particular word space. So we are going to bring in something that was attractive women into blockchain technology. But we also recognize that women are not tech savvy when it becomes too complicated. They are no longer interested. So what do we do? How do we demystify this big name blockchain? That

Succhie: seems so abstract

Dr Gilead: how so we needed to actually bring something that is closer to them something that they can relate to it something that they can connect to it as you see box fitting into that. Okay. So sisi box is a little sanity product and actually is actually powered by one of our subsidiaries. Like I said there about Cristobal 650 there is actually what drives the adoption of this particular use cases beautiful. So this is box actually powered by beep Healthcare Okay, so The design of the sisi box is aimed at touching the lives of women in three major areas one is that we are interested in the hygiene of women to we that’s what we can about the health benefits of the sea box. We are also talking about consumer loyalty a special consumer loyalty which is bringing together technology to drive consumer loyalty and then the last but not the least is that women need to be what empowered

Speaker 2: very important.

Dr Gilead: So the combination of these three variables is what givebacks to sisibox as a simple box composes of four basic things. Okay, one the Pod is not the normal part. Just wanted me to get clear here. What we are talking about is a healthy part of the and an eye on part one. We talked about an eye on what was an eye on mean and I only spoke of vitamins of the air. Have you heard that before?

Succhie: Well, I like to me

Speaker 1: that’s exactly what anion means and anions are seen in a different area. If you go to bitches, if you go to the mountains, these are although fewer molecules that are there and when you stay in that environment when you breed them in as soon as it goes into the bloodstream, it activates certain enzymes in your system. It actually affords you to have a smooth oxygen flow which transmits what signals or transmit various things your body stem into your brain. Now, these are the component. That’s why we said we want every woman to switch. Your brand to what anion would Parts? Okay, and the recommendation is what sissy box? So in our kit, we have an eye on parts. We also have panty liners. So this panty liners also complements keeping you always good intact, you know, and then it helps you balance, you know, sometimes when you actually use the toilet and all of that In addition to that. We also have the illusion strip. Okay, because truth be told there are some women that do not actually understand. When

Dr Gilead: is the effect a timer when they are not when I went on my ovulation when I’m when do I actually started this mission of procreation? And so we said, okay why not? Let’s give you something

Succhie: or maybe how do I even prevent like on wanted

Dr Gilead: exactly you get it huh? You know when you talk about prevention, I think the younger generation to generation actually very much interested in that because huh, so that’s why we actually so that the last one on the list is that there is a crypto Fiat cash, but the voucher is continuing it. So this is what makeup what’s this is the Box kit and it comes in two variants. We have the combo and then we have the regular beautiful. Now the idea is that the konbu can actually serve it for like about three month supply. Okay while for the regular at least I can actually do for you for a month. So that means that if I can actually do the bulk I can actually do what the regular like the monthly Supply now the combination of what makes of CC box would attract different segments of the market. High class the middle class and even in low why because it is a premium brand. For individuals who are looking at Top Notch quality in terms of very high-quality sanitary SISI box meets all of that. If you are looking at it

Dr. Gilead: from the perspective that I want something classy as you can see the packaging. It’s also very watchword interesting than from individuals who are looking at it that I want to be empowered. Can

Dr Gilead: I call you to do that for empowerment purpose now when you know, look at okay, I am interested in technology. Sisi box also feel that because we are seeing the most trending technology is connected with a see box. So that means whenever you stay around the hub of when a particular trending system is going on there is never a time where you’ve been you miss

Succhie: out very true.

Dr Gilead: So we know that technology is the future blockchain technology is the future but how can we make Africans to become what part of this thing? So we needed to go to that. So that’s exactly why we are seeing the more you actually using system box. Then you are actually staying at the hope of Technology because when we are giving our consumer loyalty to see box you if you do not know you begin to ask questions you get involved with our training to be able to know how you can what harness the potentials and the opportunities that is actually contained in it. Ok or not. that’s this particular product that has actually been designed is also put in such a way that people should not look at it from the perspective that are is expensive. My answer to those individual who say this ebook is expensive is very simple. How much will you are you willing to actually work treat for your health? This also goes to the fact that the cases that we have seen in recent time about rate of infertility. Fibroids bacterial

Dr Gilead: infections, all of this is on the increase and if you go to a fertility how to export the first thing that they will actually tell you or ask you is what kind of sanitary pad you use it is very sensitive and that is why we are using this medium to let our listeners know this that if we can get an expensive watch we can get an expensive iPhone. We should not actually what shortchange quality Brands and I own part for something less.

Dr Gilead: Okay, and I see this is not the regular pack. Is it?

Dr Gilead: No, this is actually the combo that can actually last for three to four months.

Succhie: Oh beautiful. So it contains 32

Dr Gilead: Anion sanitary pads

Dr Gilead: 8 panty liners and  4 ovulation strips plus a crypto Fiat cashback voucher.

Suchie: Okay. Now we’ll delve into the technicalities in a bit and I’m just going just going to be talking about like more General more General issues. So you said it’s an eye on it’s made with anions and it’s very important. Now what issues were women who use sanitary pads women who are either in puberty or work for mature or even well older women. There’s the fact that we want a brand that can last now, I don’t To wear my beautiful clothes when I’m on my period and get stained. So how how long can this last? Like? How long can I wear it? And I know that okay, I’m safe for

Dr Gilead: for one thing. Like we said about the product. We are very much concerned about the health of women. Okay, and that is where we see if you look at if you open the key you will see that the chips are the center if you look at it. Look at you see and know there’s something at Green this So this is that represents. So what are simply means is that as soon as the friction happens you get it with the body. That’s where it touches will activate the anion. Okay. Now one thing is also very clear is that it has an ultra-thin technology

Suchie: so you wear it and you don’t feel like you don’t feel burdened or

Speaker 1: beautiful. So you start with E. So what I means is that the moment you wait, you’re not even you know, you will even notice that you’re putting on something for the quality of Technology as soon as you know, the blood flow drop seen it absorbs it immediately absorbs it and once it does that you wouldn’t feel anything there are cases of individuals who normally have very painful stressful ministration that but our testimonies is actually growing by the day because they use it as I said what just happened. I normally get stressed out, but I’m just feeling Good. Oh, wow. Yes. So we get this feedback is coming in. And you know, we did one sample test, you know, because when the product came we decided to actually give it out to some people please try and then give us a feedback and we have not gotten any negative feedback everybody seen. Wow. This is good. This is nice. In fact, I will have to use this particular product. Okay now so beyond the health benefits the idea is that the apartment part

Dr Gilead: comes of course because the employment part is very

Suchie: true. It’s with this you can actually manage the stress level you get it it balances your hormone and then the parties actually breathable one key thing. I want to say this is that the reproductive organ of a woman. So sensitive there are certain things that are there new clothes that are there that is performing a pivotal role to keep that particular system that has been put in place open doing but when heat comes in and there’s a reaction or that the amount of heat there is more it can actually react to something else. So that is why whatever you use do your monthly period is very

Dr Gilead: key very true because you hear stories of women who say oh I use so so brand and then I have rashes or have boils down there, but just feel so ideal to Ideal. So when you use this, this is breathable, so it allows free flow and we an eye on it. It actually helps blood flowing to your brain. That’s what actually works down in terms of what the stress that you’re actually passing through

Suchie: and Is very beautiful because once you’re able to manage your stress the cramps the hormonal imbalances able to be more productive and even the work better that is so amazing. Now moving on to the technicalities you’re saying this is box is all about empowering the African woman. You know, how exactly does this process this empowerment process

Dr Gilead: work good and I think that apartment but would also interest not only female bosses are interested email. Okay, that is why I want to connect to because sometimes those who are watching our eyes is just a woman’s thing just a woman’s name. My answer to you is if you want to live long be concerned about what’s your wife your mother or your sister because what do you use matters? So if I am a man and I have a wife the truth is this if I play nonchalant attitude and then she goes and then uses anything, the system of the woman is designed that they can actually tolerate and then who don’t do certain things for a long time. But the structure of the Way a man’s system is designed most times. You don’t go in and come back the same. So what are we saying that many to not be interested? Because if there are new clothes there I supposed to actually serve health benefit but because of heat it’s not actually doing the other side. That is the problem. We have seen individuals who are experiencing infertility issue and you spent thousands of naira to do what to fix it, which could be something that would continuously use of anions and every part could easily avoid it.

Dr Gilead: so many to be interested so that they would actually possibly provide the support to their wife or even ask questions to see to it that the use the right symmetry. Now, the empowerment parts of sissy box is designed in such a way that beyond all the enumerated health Fit you can also use this particular product to do what to empower yourself

Succhie: beautiful font for Financial

Dr Gilead: Freedom Financial Freedom beautiful. So the Financial Freedom that we are talking about from city buses connect to the fact that we have created a unique model that those will go a revenue share the many companies out there that have not factored in the interest of their subscribers to Heart Ceci box was designed to actually what factor that interest in that as long as we have users who are using our product. We are willing to share Revenue with them as they do what use our product so we created We created something that we created was. We created something that has to do with the fact that when you actually subscribe or uses a box our system recognizes two things the individual who told you about the health benefit and the need for you to switch your brand. That individual will be rewarded and Fiat cash

Succhie: box. Okay, this is the inside Block Chain. My name is Sushi and I have with me. Dr. Don Gilead when we come back. We’ll be talking about how sissy box actually empowers women for Financial Freedom. You don’t want to go anywhere. Keep it locked here.

Break voiceover: I just listened to a petty on with AWS mining. I’m Alexia Hefty last year. I’m on a mohan from techno. Brain. This is our new bhardwaj from women investing women digital and you are watching you’re watching you’re watching you’re watching crypto TV plus crypto T V plus DV plus capital T V plus stay tuned. Welcome back. You’re still on to Cruiser TV place. And this is still inside blockchain.

Suchie: My name is Sushi before I went on that break. I had a very interesting conversation with dr. Don’t give it a: qua and we’re talking about the BMCT beep magnet group and also like the use case which is sisi box and moving on, we’re going to talk about empowerment. So one of the biggest gaps that 50 bucks to feel is women empowerment for Financial Freedom. So how does this work?

Speaker 1: Just like you said Financial Freedom is interesting to everyone of course and at the business of what we designed is to factor Financial Freedom. Now for cc box, we created a unique model that rewards our subscriber with consumer loyalty on the blockchain, which is BMCT. Okay, and at the same time, we recognize that this woman to we need money. So some may not understand blockchain for say or how the token exchange works. So we decided that you don’t need to worry yourself by being part of our ecosystem. Recommending SISIbox to your friends to switch their brand. Okay, whenever that is done, and these individuals are actually beginning to use CC box. We share even if with you because of that commitment or that effort that you put in place, so it’s something that you can do from home. So as long as you’re connected to the internet look at your social media page and activity, are you on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram Muslims to spend so much time around there? But have you really evaluated? What

Speaker 1: is the Financial Freedom compared to the time that you’re actually putting into this your first restart. We just find emotional fulfillment and then most times when we are bored. We use it to kill

Speaker 2: time. Very true

Speaker 1: time is something that is very very sensitive and when it is gone, it is gone. So we are seeing that we see box all you need to do and apart. The point in time is Rafael recommend your friends with an athlete link that we’re going to give to you. So everyone has an affiliate link. Okay. So with that link, I can just share that on my what’s a page on my stag Rampage, you know telling my friends to switch Brands to use to see box. Okay. Now if they do that is a product that actually supports hygiene and good health care. It supports empowerment and then the product also supports new technology, which is what the distribution of their consumer loyalty on the blockchain. Once you have to share the particular application anyone who has subscribed to sisibox, the next thing you need to do is to actually what download our application to see the box has a mobile app. So once you are registered with the link, you naturally would download the application. When you have download the application,

Dr Gilead: for now, we have it only on what on Android that’s on Google Play. We’re still working on iOS. So the moment you have done with the download you can now log in when you log in you’re going to see a kind of digital officer in the back office more like a candy shop. So we are seeing that you don’t necessarily need to have a physical shop by registering with that affiliate link. It has given you what and what an issue that would track every activity that you are actually doing and that’s amazing. So anyone who you are actually sharing that link with you’ll be able to see them from your shop. What are they supposed to do? Let him go to any of retail stores Mega distributor or even Junior Conga you can order this box there. Oh, nice. So wherever you are complete go to Jimmy and Conga then place your order the moment you get to see box now get a cc box alone does not complete the process. What completely process is taking the next step? I was next step open the kids and identify our clip to Fiat cash voucher.

Speaker 1: Once you have that gift to feel casual boxer logging into your mobile application and scan that particular with cash voucher the moment that is done two things happen. The person who has actually told you to switch over to use this evokes instantly in appreciation for that effort learning visual don’t we do what we reward that individual cash back now for this combo for everyone you have actually reflect that used our product because you have done that you end a thousand ERA. This is the

Speaker 2: more cost-effective exactly.

Speaker 1: So you get a thousand are okay does the end there? No, He believed that something that is good kind of accept. That means if I’m also interested to actually join the League of millionaires in 12 months. What will I do? I also have my own circle of friends. So I will do what I will also share my links with them the issue of which we have died and web design also track this particular water activity. So you don’t even need to worry yourself. That’s what the issue of those for you. So if somebody else we were watching refer to not goes to Legos or Indigo and then told his friend to switch branches CC box other person doesn’t does that and go to the nearby shop and then purchase order from Junior Conga and then scanned up at Clark could follow the same process that you have done our system. Tell that individual. Thank you for doing that and give that individual BMC took on as a cash back. So all our subscribers and what BMC to confirm buying the product then the individual who told you to say, Joel

Speaker 1: Brandt who give you the link to switch your brand will give that person cash commission. That’s why we said I suppose for a woman to an 8.5 million in CC box. Wow, 8.5 million is very very word achievable. Now, let’s do some mathematical calculation here. We have a particular message. And that message is it is possible that in your existence you can mentor 30 women to become financially free which is the box. So that is a psychological imprint that this movement is caring everyone should do what works on 30 friends that you want to empower financially. You can set a goal. I want to achieve my part that women in three months in 30 days in 90 days in 120 days in six months do it at your piece. There is no hard and fast rule to it. But those who are aggressive about it who understands what numbers can do then? Of course, they’re not gonna sit back. Why because the more you delay, time will come where everybody is now a subscriber of Sisibox. So once you wake up and then activated I’m already in

Speaker 1: so that’s why you need to get started. Now the moment you actually recommend set individual as we said and they usually are using the combo pack $1,000 by Tate is already $30,000. That’s even above the minimum

Speaker 2: wage very true.

Speaker 1: Now. I have done that job and after keep my time to indicate these people have not only started making money. Both Thief series is why they should use an eye on policy box and they are committed to it. They also don’t begin to cut it this advocacy down the line husband’s also kinda advocacy down the line and when the happened 30 by 30, it means that we’ve actually involved 900 women

Speaker 2: very true.

Speaker 1: So you see how organic this would actually spread so 30 by 30 by 30 that’s only 27,000 women who is already part of this. So the question is would you want to be part of this Movement? We are saying to Every Woman everywhere that this is time for us to actually word get connected. Now we test by test by test. That should be about 8.5 million. You’re gonna make Let’s actually average that okay lose half its what about if you actually give attention to this and they are making 4.5 million every four months is it bad? Is it bad? Let’s also so cute. You’re not able to achieve that number. We actually want to make it half again and then you actually getting 2.5 million. What about if something you actually not do you have that again? And then you actually getting 1 million for something that you are using for yourself every month and then you are proud about it because not only are you benefiting yourself. We also helping prevent some of the associated illnesses and women are not connected to you

Speaker 1: because they are actually been

Speaker 2: apart. Yeah,

Speaker 1: so that is possible now on the small Park we said even if it is a one month supply. If you buy the one more supply of they use that we would actually give it to one of 15 hour that is for actually buying you actually get the MC to calm the person who have recommended you would get what 250 so if I buy the combo and making 1000 if the individual is actually buying the small one. I’m still making water 250 and these are actually what goes down. So this is duplicate or E. So when we say kind of model actually Water and Power 1 million women, yes, and I applaud 10 million women. Yes, we have to depend on the government know Politically those individuals are looking at what project can I do? Yes, you have looked at your bank account. How much are you going to use to actually Empower these people some time ago you win came about today. What’s happening? The idea is that many people don’t you give them cash and no show them how to catch fish. There is a problem, but we have pushing ourselves that ngos politicians government functionaries who wants to empower women can just come to us. All we are asking to them is can they actually budget? 6,000 Naira to do it training for this particular people and show them what they can do and thats all have you talked about the blockchain benefit? We said take- you are not paying for it is our position to you. This token is already listed on two exchanges so which means that once you accumulate this particular token what can happen you can actually go to The Exchange and then we can also trade it there is a very high possibility that it even increases in value now as

Dr. Gilead: we delve deep into the future, there are other things. I want everyone who’s watching (listening) to know this- that gone are the days where by we’re looking at. What are the indicating Factor? of Forex Market: braces and this news watch out for big magnet news, of course because news like Siss box. Where’s this inbox is cast in the market know that the MCT price will change once we have new partners subscribing to be MCT use cases that for example, we are creating a record the PM’s BMT token and voucher that’s going to enable Merchants who wants to be part of this entire system to collaborate with us. So if you are a business and you’re looking at how can be I can be part of the just come talk with us. We can create a voucher for you and our voucher added top as part of what you are to give out your product as a freebie. Once you do the point is every of your subscriber automatically is not brought in and we become strategic partner with you. So we will also be talking about your business throughout and

Dr. Gilead: Community to also Drive what skills and adoption. All right. So all of these are things that we have created and we are very much confident but the starting point is single trick economical Forest. So what we are saying is that this is the time for us to get involved. What are we supposed to do? One first things first go to I owe and sign up for our newsletter. So you can get updated information to you need to actually follow us on our social media Facebook Twitter Instagram. If you go to our website page on be able to not I who go to social media, you’re actually going to see this links click on it and take you directly to a page or you follow us are BMC token across all these social media pages and then you begin to actually get words updated words information. All right. Now, we are also saying that as a matter of business on our website if you want to beep if you want to experience the visibility of your business globally we have created something on our mobile app is called

Dr. Gilead: Merchants location. Okay. So all you need to do when you go to the website, it’s the word register your business. Once you have done your registration of your business on the website, we are going to approve once we approve it your business will be seen globally. That means that you are actually worth supporting blockchain and that you are actually words giving out consumer loyalty in the blockchain. So that is also the for you to ask you what take advantage of so these are things that we have created and we believe that blockchain adoption is key as Africans. We need to say no to digital colonization. Enough is enough. It is possible. No one will paint the picture well. Individuals who are annoying Africa don’t understand. Our problem was some of these International programs are designed. It is designed to solve their own need. That is why we have not created a blockchain that is serving the African would need so that specifically so that we are covering the continent together. Now, what about those who are not in Africa we did interested they are because they are interested in coming to solve our problem take advantage of our numbers. Now, we are telling them that you don’t need to worry because we have looked at our problem and we have not created in a way to solve that. So if you are interested in tapping into this community to this Market, all you need to do is to identify with the BMCT blockchain. So go to The Exchange use it as a medium of trade and then that would be your own contribution at the end

Dr Gilead: of the day. Yeah. Thank you so much. Mr. And dr. Done, give it a quote unquote one last question before we go because we’re pressed for time you have built an amazing track record. I mean you’ve used a lot of businesses that are thriving but we can’t say the same for many blockchain and technological startups in Nigeria one of the challenges you think nine different startups 9200 and Tech startups experience and how can these problems be surmounted?

Dr. Gilead: What you just mentioned is true. It’s not easy. But especially with the economic position of our dear country Nigeria. What I was going to fold our hands. No I want to nice is that we should not always be looking at the government to provide all the enabling environment. We should look at. No matter how big your vision or your ideas are break this Vision into bits and be ready to collaborate. Do not most African startups. Look at it. God has given me this idea. It is only me and instead of me to partner at the third eye. The truth is that if you go to the greve there are many ideas that are there very true. It did come to the light of day. So if I know that hey, this is my destination, but I don’t have the means.

Dr. Gilead: But one who has a spiritual that means if you go to your black book, I called the black book of ideas. There are a lot of them that you have recorded. Can you identify one? With an individual who is interested. Do not talk about percentage. Even if the individual will treat you no problem get that individual to come in let him bring the finances you want us to do 50/50. No problem. This is just one of your idea which is why I love you start out due to database. Of course, once you get to bees you cannot begin to work to develop orders. We don’t have a base. You cannot secondly look at practical problems, but I will not take so much to solve but you do not have to spend so much in Advertiser. A little thing. You cannot be an island. It’s important that you review the word a community

Succhie: very true. We also use this approach

Dr Gilead: is to say that you cannot just stand alone currently as we speak. There are Platforms in place that can actually help you Tucker skill you follow social organization is Sybil. Stick with us in blockchain association of Nigeria that body is meant to do to support you don’t think tax organization. Some of the gaps are some of the things you’ll be amazed to the kind of adults or skills that you can get because you are a member. Thank

Succhie: you. Sweet amazingly. Well educating empowering women for Financial Freedom. And you know, we hope to see more things from you. We hope to hear you. Do, you know even more amazing work and we’re starting with behind you we can tell you that. Thank you so much for coming on appreciate today. Thank you. Thank you very much. Yeah, you’re still watching Christmas Eve last. My name is Susie. Thank you so much for staying with me. Also. Today’s episode do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and also follow us across all social media platforms preceding Clause. Yes. I do still Sushi and I come your way again next time. This is inside Blockchain.


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