Tony: Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of inside blockchain, a show where you get the most informative discuss from industry leaders and blockchain enterpreneurs as we look into diverse blockchain projects and their impact. I am definitely your host Tony Obiajuru. On the show today we have a guest who is joining us all the way from the United States of America. We are going to be talking about blockchain enabled applications and how to monetize your use. I have with me on the show today the founder and CEO of KrossCoin – Efosa Ighodaro. Hello Efosa! How are you?

Efosa: Hello, Tony. Thanks for having me here.

Tony: Yeah, thank you so much for joining me on the show. How are you doing?

Speaker 1: I’m doing wonderful.

Speaker 1: Okay, so let’s go straight into the topic for today. But before that tell us more about yourself.

Efosa: Yes. So I am Efosa Ighodaro. I happen now to be the CEO of KrossCoin. Okay. So KrossCoin was founded in 2017. That was a combination of a lot of activities that I’ve been involved in since 2009. Okay, starting from the Forex market trading for over 20years now and then bending into the Tech startup team you know, and then I won the hackathon events at the University which is the university of north. Okay, so everything just, you know prepared me for the blockchain moment, you know when Bitcoin became you know part of my Consciousness that was in late 2016 yeah. All right. Yeah, so I actually came to United States in 2008. Okay, just up my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos. Wow. Wow, really? So what I knew I wasn’t going to do finance anyway, so I I you know immediately began to get involved in finance understanding the global markets. Okay, as soon as I got here.

Tony: Okay, fantastic. So are we are looking at blockchain enabled applications? All right, and how to monetize its use case but first, what does it mean? what does blockchain enabled application mean? Can you help us explain that?

Efosa: All right. Yes, so like the blockchain enabled application or they are called decentralized applications. It is actually a combination of blockchain infrastructure combined with your regular server architecture. Okay. So like you have your normal apps right now in your phone maybe Google Maps or you know, we have some apps I don’t mention anyone you know, known in Nigeria. Yeah. So when you begin to incorporate, you know blockchain technology, you know cryptography and all those things, you know wallets and tokens into your apps, then it becomes a decentralized application because there’s something decentralized about it either the currency or the architecture itself is decentralized so that different varying degrees of decentralization in appliocation so, it’s not just you know, a generic term but there is lots of levels, you know

Tony: Okay. So, I’m particular as touching what makes it different from the regular applications that we are used to already. That’s what make decentralized applications different or unique from the regular applications that we are used to?

Efosa: Okay. So what makes it unique might be the currency. So if you have a token, which is a cryptocurrency then that means that your monetization is decentralized because the funding mechanism is, you know can be done from anywhere in the world and especially if so your So, you know, it depends actually on the on the mode of operation of the app because it depends on the currency. So if you have a currency like ethereum now, you know so ethereum dapps actually you know, kind of very very decentralized because anybody can have a node on ethereum you know you so you can actually, you know have your your own node to verify transactions. So then again when you transfer ethereum from one wallet to the other the company itself  who owns the app is no involved, you know, but there are some for example, I have on my phone I have tokenjo exchange, you know on my phone.

Tony: Okay. So is that a decentralized applications?

Efosa: Exchange? Okay Yes, so, you know mobile technology into it. Then he’s also still still involving the ethereum token and ethereum transfers ethereum blockchain is involved then talk about decentralized applications. So it is decentralized because there’s something different lies about it, which is the blockchain technology.

Tony: Okay? Yeah. Now this leads me to your project which is a cross coin and from from a little research. I understand that this project is has something to do with decentralized applications. So tell us more about cross join.

Efosa: Yes, of course Krosscoinis a very ambitious project. So our vision to have the largest ecosystem of Dapps, you know, so around the world all using the cases currency. So so in that way now one thing that the most, you know, come to understand is that cross grain is specific specific about Revenue generation, you know, so when we say this her eyes apps, the word is not there yet. The world is not there to where you know, the apps can be decentralized in the true sense of it. Okay. No, because like what we call it now so the first step forward why business right? So we don’t just put all our eggs into technology and then forget about Revenue, you know, so Krosscoin kind of balance, you know in that case because we are first focus is revenue generation. Okay, and then when we have then when the blockchain Technologies ready for a very skilled, you know system where we can have millions of users. Well have a blockchain that can transact, you know, the way besides transacting the same speed and scale as visa and MasterCard. Then we actually have a real world case scenario, you know Dapp. So for right now we have just incorporated our currency into the applications. Nothing about application is going to be blockchain technology in code meaning that you know, your transactions are not going to be Onchain understand that is going to be in the end in the mobile app server Amazon or Google servers, but you’re not going to be on channel protein, but the currency

Efosa: transfer the payments transfer is going to be you know cross join talking Atrium blockchain or waste blocking in a body up itself the The various processes when you use I use the app is not going to be unchanged of chain here is going to go tell us exactly so I also have pass our main focus is to have you know, those kind of applications that comes up across concurrency. And then when the world has come up with a, you know, ten thousand a hundred thousand introduction per second Block Chain, then we will now move up to where all transactions are on chain. That means everything you do on the app can be seen only decentralized Ledger. Okay, you know start but now I’ve used application all the major things you’re doing are going to be seen our server entities centralized, you know, the only token in transfer you can be seen on the ethereum blockchain. Okay? Yeah, so we get to disrupt one industry followed by the other starting from where I’m very familiar with which is Forex the markets, Fintech and then from there we go to rewards we go to gaming and then good e-commerce. So anything thats can have the million user base we’re interested in that project, in that solution because we so apart from the centralization of currency payments by anybody in the world can actually have Revenue coming in. I mean, you know going out and coming payments can be done without going to centralized services like Visa, you know, just use okay as currency. Okay, then we also make sure that the service can serve a lot of people maybe part really need it, you know, so that’s very important to us.

Tony: Okay, great. Now let’s look at the reward structure that is involved with the project because I know most of these decentralized I’m applications there. Is this a reward structure that is put in place where users get to earn as they interact with, you know the application. So what is the reward structure for Krosscoin?

Efosa: Yes, of course, If you look at one pager on the website, so Krosscoin wants to actually share Revenue, you know, so we will share up to 40% of our profit with all the users applications, you know, so anyone that has a user and stakes some Krosscoin in there between 1 million to 5 million cross going we’re going to decide on that number very soon. Then as the company gets Revenue in it moves cost and then has profit then 40 percent of that profit to be shared across our users provided they refer other users, you know, so so that’s the reward structure there. And of course we have some, you know, some little referral tasks here and there but if you want to end, you know monthly Revenue monthly payment from being a referral being a user referrer, then you have access to that pool. So for example, now we have Facebook making all the money. We give all the content. We have you missed an important information day. We get zero dollars from Facebook. So that’s not gonna happen with Krosscoin. If we happen to have a very unique social network. Then that reward is going to be part of that. So imagine if Krosscoin had its social network. And if you wanted if you wanted to buy ads or pay for ads use Krosscoin, you know token KSS token, you know, and then after cross grain has collected money or maybe we’ll use cases and then we used in $1.00. Yeah, so we use krosscoin ethereum and BTC whatever we use, as long as its liquid imagine after collecting all the revenue from 1 billion users because currency is oh Tony because we have 1 million close coins. We are giving you five hundred dollars and because you have shared your post you have participated in network, you know several times you contribute to the content, you know, so we’re going to give you $1,000 that would be wonderful.

Efosa: So why why that is important important because right now the world is going through a sharing face. So we’re interested in Sharing economy. Now we want whereby somebody who just participated in Civil War in places like Syria, you know and all these places where people are displaced people are losing families people actually refugees in strange lands. Somebody can just have a cross grain up on his phone and just by that, you know simple Act of sharing in refrain people using this system, you can begin to end some dollars to get himself out of the hole. Okay.

Tony: Okay. So you’re saying the earn as you use framework of Krosscoin is based on reference, is that what you’re saying? Actually the more people refer people to use the platform the moment. Yes, the That’s tokens that they have. KSS tokens. That’s right. Yes. Ok. Ok. So let’s talk about the various product of cross join because I understand that cross joins the cryptocurrency. All right. So let’s go to the product the application itself. So what are we looking at in terms of cross Krosscoins application?

Efosa: Okay, so we have focusing on fintech right now and we have several platforms. So the first of them is PIPDroid, Petal. Oh tell me about it. Yeah, so pip Droid is a Forex application. Okay, so it right so we have different kind of Pipdroid Petal. We are people with better people pay for these are the cloud mobile platform. Where users can launch Forex algorithms. Through the Meta Trader platform. Okay, you know so every Forex trader useds meta trader platform around the world, every broker in the world has meta with that platform and empty platform is the most popular platform the world for Forex Traders; CFDs stocks, you know and stuff. So with PIPDroid everyone that had to algos from trading bots. They have to do from their laptop or the had to do it from your remote server, you know, so, why did you use remote servers? Its because your laptop and can just be turned on 24/7, you know is going to be made over heat or electricity cost or something happened to be my resource and an update and then you have to you know, so you’re trading so everybody pays $50 to BPA Services. Okay now and so yet so that means that you have to be a student, you know, if we are still with, you know very much restricted you You can launch a bot on the go. We can launch a bot when you’re on the way to walk away and you train or When on you know on the plane so Pipdriod in 2016. We developed the first prototype in 2017 released a limited version people that President Pierre to the Google Play Store and we’re going to release this killed version, you know in a few months. So be prepared and pair that going to be my test cases when that you know, scaled version is released.

Tony:  Okay. What so at the moment we cannot actually interact with our particular application, right?

Efosa: No, not right now. So we had wheel is the free version for a year from October 2013 to October 2018 and we’re paying for the bills for that. So so right now we are back to resolve taking that off the server and we’re working on the you know on the scaled version but we have people Auto Trade which is a trade copier you can you know, so that’s become so that that is about to be launched. We’re just getting ready. We have made the or necessary Partnerships before his Brokers so that we can get some revenue from Trading fees and then people can use PiPDroid platform, which is the trade copier, you know for free because the link up with a, you know affiliate Brokers, but where Krosscoin is directly use right now is on our crypto exchange called BITS. So okay we go to trade.bits.exchange Krosscoin can be used to vote for a project to get listed on bits, you know, so you can hear the case looking directly on keep to exchange and we’re adding more more use cases are using those going on other things we have assumed here. Oh, I getting ready to yeah. Okay great to release more products.

Tony: Okay. Okay. Alright. Thank you so much for joining me on the show. My co-host Ben is in the building and he and I definitely are going to be asking you a couple of questions. I’ve been say hello to Efosa.

Tony: Hello – sir. Hi Jen good evening. We’ve had them so much about the project. We’re excited that you could take out time to talk to us.

Speaker 1: Same here. Yeah, so I wanted to find out about I’m just looking at the one-page document on the website and I found out that you have a lot of Partners but you look chain are not on blockchain projects are partnering with the cross cross point so we can see it WS is there can see effects TM IBM and a whole lot. That’s that’s impressive. How did you how to do and the team managed to come up with this huge partnership structure? Yes, so like I said where we have you know, our focus is revenue generation because that’s the point of any project. The first point is the you know should be you know profitability. So it w is our partner because people read and P dot beta interferon beta we on ews and they’re going to be more applications even Architects changes on interviews as well. So those are partners and the AWS which is you know, the web services for Amazon, you know has and it cerium layer right now so you can actually easily create Atrium base Tops on Amazon web services. So that leaves I

Speaker 1: mean more formidable partner and then the other Brokers we are going through we already started the affiliate partnership with affection with other one is Brooklyn and Giro. D’Italia. Is this effort? Yes, exactly. Full-fledged

Speaker 1: affiliate partnership with so that anyone who has a purebred better are because of the people read better. If you go to the to the app on Google Play is consistency audio description of the pictures and everything. We have we had over 40 broker servers in the Sun. And so those servers are actually so this company like the ones you see on the website right now. And so anybody that lot that, you know, since you can launch your boat to those workers servers then want to create an Avenue about you can open accounts using our referral link, you know, so they’re paid on the subscription side and on the affiliate side, you know, okay, so so I why yes, go ahead, please. Okay. So what we’re doing all this because we want to boost the revenue. So that users can continue to get paid, you know, just creating a pool of users a pullover Pharisee pull of Revenue so that we can we can keep on you know, you know, we can make the money circulates, you know, and yeah sometimes yes. Also we have partnered with

Speaker 1: is not on website yet. We’re going to put that very soon. We’re partnered with a casino project project called click Jane. Okay. So right now on if you go to www.cdc.gov see no dot app cross grain can be used to play poker and other games in there, you know, so directly into you can play poker with Crosslink. I mean and I think we have that on the website actually. Yeah that pink and we can see that on the website as a media. Yeah. Thank you. So Allah a little review teams. I’ve done review on the project and I can see I see you these I’ve done review I see you hold that have done a review. Oh, yes IC o—- marks and then we W12. Wow. So how has it been for the project? You know crypto adoption in the globe generally has been slow and not to talk of United States the United States. Why difficult to plant the project day? How is it that you you you on the cross joint e-mart riving over there? Yes, so I happen to be very very fortunate to have a lot of very smart people working with us from Nigeria

Speaker 1: India and Russia, you know recently, but still they just make this easy for me. I can go ahead and focus on strong Partnerships while they take care of the design marketing, you know and other things probably Filipinos love so now the US markets because the Congress have been you know back and forth on exactly what think crypto. Is this the SEC though. So, you know trying to try to kind of come to terms with the fact that the 10 quart security has changed is very has defend him now and keep talking and just because security just you know, just blending like that. So so why they’re trying to figure out what to do with us, you know, we are decided said kids are nervous, you know, and then so and those guys don’t have any recognition there. So it allows us to partner with other people. Other countries who are ready to you know to get partnered up with and because our products that’s why you know, we were not the sequences that out there trying to buy somebody’s you know National currency. We

Speaker 1: actually going through the utility way. So we’re utility talking. Yes. So if you have some now the products we have we have the adjust and get there just disruptors of existing Services, you know, that’s already have be ready ready in will be have already made user base out. There are millions of users who educate currency so and these are the need these new services this new technology that we offer so because because we’re the happiness of users who are products, then it will create a natural crypto adoption of cross coin. Okay, you can stop so we are great food in between the made way one of those trying to sell these a new currency Everybody Must recruit into a bucket of give me the proof of use and then exactly. Yeah. So you need this product for this specific case use it but you have to have cross going to use it or to enjoy some rebates on sand. That’s how the adoption we you know, we float. Okay, so finally sir. Is there any sticking policy around cross coin? So if you consider the

Speaker 1: game, is there any do you have any structure for sticking? Stick yes, so we have the program right now court cases 200 OK red packets. So one of our partners is Thrift shrieks is is an app that a lot is actually the optional adapter. So it allows you to do they form one. Click one click, you know recording 11 click transaction. So like is it like an ex change but yet it’s just it allows, you know transfer of one. I mean exchange of one currency to the order. I want you to consider the order without going to any intermediaries. Okay, you know so that we can cross join to Lacey Ong you can transfer directly without going through Bitcoin and then going through OMG on there, you know, so it just is allows seamless transfer of of a cryptocurrency. So both are talking squash Point waves personality beyond the listed on streets, so So we say that if you have 200,000 cross going to cross going which must buy on an exchange rights, then you keep it on bites and then we can see that you have 200,000 cars

Speaker 1: going. You must also have a swift account. Yes. So that’s some photocopies station. Exactly. Yes. Why didn’t I just I just think okay. We have some money to give away every month, you know through our hard work and everything because you are you I hold up then have some Bitcoin have some material so we have that every month going on. So every month those who have 20,000 cross coin can receive a theorem of Bitcoin monthly also and then so that’s the initial phase the senior fish which were about to launch is that it must have a minimum of 1 million close coin but must be user that’s where you now participate in the profits Pro, you’re like you who knows what the pain is coming from the prophet puh? So that’s going to be a higher vision of this taking the lights. Thank you so much Sam very good. Let me hand you over back to yeah, so it’s been an interesting conversation with UFO shot and because of time finally before we let you go. What is the future projection of the market capitalization of

Speaker 1: cross join? Thank you for that question. So data ready to unleash our products with the world. We’ve been spending three years to you know, get products right and everything from sonar array to unleash them we expect to have you know, at least a million users by 2022, you know across all kind of a product. So when you have a million users who are paying monthly or using daily you are billion dollar company and it’s also ok. So on the on the on the court company, which is Van Gogh’s LLC we aim to be billion dollar Company by 2022 now on the cross coincide that’s going to be more than a billion because He actually made the cross joint price to approach something like a cent or two, which is about times ten or twenty one of the best buys we have so far so plus twenty twenty five point 1 billion dollar, you know projects. So if we if we if we if we wind up getting to the 10 cents region that will make it easy 2.5 billion market cap, you know, so I know the day everything will be driven by the by

Speaker 1: the user base and everything. So if we and so let’s see, we release our messenger app, which is called reborn messenger that is not have, you know, five million reasons, you know, so we expect cross joined by 21 to 23 to be billion dollar market cap project. Fantastic. Wow, that’s that’s massive. All right, I’ll feel sorry. What are your last words leave us with your last words on the show before we call it a day. Okay, so I want to click encourage everybody to get involved with our project. It would be no wait, you have many many opportunities to get rewarded and you know, grab some course coins, you know, try our products get on an exchange and you can see we always find a way to reward you on anything you do when I telegram you can play games and get paid a dollar if you come if you come if you if you if you have if you you know, I’m On Top 3.3 came out of the day David owners. Sometimes we give everybody that participated as a lot. But yeah, yes we want and this this is going to increase one

Speaker 1: days when we $10 what just playing a game that’s on a silicon glass. Does those good? Yeah, so I Only Could encourage all our here’s listeners to you know, get on the project get on our website wwlp.com your pie hole. Okay, it’s on you know products and just you know, just chill with us and you won’t regret it. Okay, great. Great. So you’ve had if you want to get across to the Cross join team, it is at Crosspoint dot IO and if you want to interact with the founder and CEO, you can follow him on LinkedIn at a full-size a good arrow and I will be all on the show cause we’ve come to the end of today’s episode. Don’t forget the visitors a scripted TV plus.com for news updates Trends sources and links. You can also find us on social media at crypto tv+ visitors. YouTube and watch any video of your choice and don’t forget to click the Subscribe button. So will come your way next time. It’s a bye for now. See you some other time.

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