Thank you so much to all you listeners. We never imagined when We started Crypto Podcast that anyone outside the then-tiny world of blockchain and crypto would ever care about it. Your enthusiasm and support has meant a lot to me as it’s grown into a popular podcast with a loyal listenership.

Since Crypto Podcast is an advertiser-supported podcast run by a for-profit company, we don’t actively seek financial support from our listeners. However, many of you have inquired about making donations anyway. We’re really humbled that some of you have found enough value in these shows to want to contribute. We gratefully accept small donations from private individuals, associations, foundations, and businesses.

Just some fine print: A donation to the Crypto Podcast does not confer any rights to editorial influence, or influence over how the donation is utilized. We reserve the right to refuse any contribution for any reason.

We do not call out the names of individual donors on the podcast, but may from time to time say, “special thanks to our donors” or use similar grateful language

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